Rick Crosby Jr: Real Motivation

Rick Crosby Jr: Real Motivation

Rick Crosby Jr: Real Motivation

What do people do when they earn lots of money and become successful in their lives? Off course, they celebrate their success by various ways. They travel, throw parties, spend money on long weekend tours and much more. This is what a normal man or woman does to celebrate his or her success. No doubt, this is good and people have right to spend the money in the way they want.  But what about those people who spend their hard earned money for the welfare of society. Yes, we are talking about Rick Crosby Jr. He can be a real inspiration for lots of those people who think ‘this is my life and my money and it is my choice to use them’.

Rick Lee Crosby: a successful real estate developer in Philippines. He has earned lots of money and success in his life. But he passes his money and success to the poor and needy people. He thinks his money should be used for kind and noble causes. What would be the better use of your hard earned money than helping others?  A man should be grateful if he/she can serve the society and help the others. This is not a small thing to spend your money for other people to whom you really don’t know.  


Rick L Crosby is really very kind person; he gets behind the eyeballs of others and feels their pain. What a personality. I am highly impressed with his noble acts so I write this blog. He provides employment to needy people and offers them handsome wages.  He helps poor and needy in all possible ways. He and his wife have joined hands with many charitable trusts and they are helping others. They are not leaving any stone unturned to be the part of any social activity.


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